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XEye, a cybersecurity company dedicated to changing the game for businesses everywhere, is passionate about ensuring secure and bulletproof services against cyber attacks for their clients

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Necessity and Innovation

They not only perceive cybersecurity as a necessity but also an opportunity to innovate and deliver highly satisfactory services.

Innovative Security Solutions

XEye’s team of experts strives to provide efficient and quality service possible while staying ahead of the curve with innovative solutions aimed at keeping clients’ services and data safe from harm

What we Provide

Information Security

XEye Cybersecurity is a leading provider of information security services, specializing in both cybersecurity solutions and comprehensive compliance consultancy. Our team of experts not only helps organizations understand and navigate complex regulatory frameworks such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GRC, but also provides hands-on implementation and support.


XEye provides all the cybersecurity services that your business needs, we have highly experienced and dedicated teams in all Information and Cyber Security fields to guarantee that our partners and clients data and assets are highly secured.

Secure Web Development

Experience secure web development across various backend and frontend programming languages and content management systems (CMS) with our expert web developers. We specialize in building robust and fortified websites that prioritize security at every level with highest quality.

Secure Soft Development

Experience secure software development at its finest with our expert team. We prioritize security throughout the entire software development lifecycle to ensure that your applications are built with the highest protection against potential threats. Our developers and security experts follow secure coding practices and adhere to industry security standards

Quality Assurance

With XEye, you are not only getting your services and assets secured, we also provide Quality Assurance services with our highly experienced Quality Assurance teams to help your business services and applications to be Bugs-Free as our mission is to care about our clients and partners highest security and quality.

Cybersecurity Academy

XEye highly skilled and certified trainers are dedicated to provide advanced Cyber Security private, live couching, and learning videos to prepare Cybersecurity students for advanced real-world work scenarios and raise business employees awareness about modern real-world hacking techniques and optimally secure and mitigate against all possible attacks.

Our Vision and Mission

Our top priority is the security and satisfaction of our clients and partners, as we uphold our own core missions and visions

Defending Against Threats

Our mission is to defend organizations against evolving cyber threats by providing innovative and comprehensive security services that stay one step ahead

Partnering for Resilience

Our mission is to partner with organizations, sharing our expertise and resources, to build resilient security postures that can withstand cyber threats and ensure business continuity.

Empowering Security

We are committed to empowering businesses with robust cybersecurity solutions, protecting their digital assets with highest level and ensuring uninterrupted operations

Transforming Security Landscape

We aim to a future where businesses operate in a secure digital environment, protected from cyber threats, enabling them to achieve their goals with confidence

Global Security Leadership

Our vision is to become a global leader in cybersecurity, setting new standards and driving industry-wide advancements to create a safer digital world for all

Innovating Security Excellence

Our vision is to drive continuous innovation in cybersecurity, pioneering cutting-edge solutions and methodologies that redefine the boundaries of security excellence, and inspire the industry to reach new heights