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Operational Technology Security Service

Secure your critical infrastructure and industrial systems from cyber threats and maintain smooth and uninterrupted productivity with our robust and proactive OT Security Services.

XEye OT Secuirty Approach

At XEye Security, we take a proactive stance towards securing your OT environment. Our approach combines in-depth security and risk assessments, continuous monitoring, and rapid incident response to achieve the highest protection.

We gather information to categorize all operational technology (OT) assets within an organization’s critical infrastructure. This includes identifying devices such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and remote terminal units (RTUs), and to also understand their interconnectivity and criticality to the overall operation. This approach is important to develop an effective OT security strategy and implementing appropriate security measures.

We evaluate the risks that are associated with an organization’s OT environment by identifying potential threats, vulnerabilities, and the likelihood and impact of those threats to prioritize our security efforts and allocate resources accordingly.

We develop an OT security strategy that aligns with our clients business goals. This includes identifying security goals, developing policies and procedures, defining security roles and responsibilities, and establishing a security framework and a roadmap for implementing effective security measures and improving overall OT security.

We proactively monitor our client’s OT environment for anomalies and potential security incidents. This includes monitoring network traffic, device behavior, and system logs to detect and rapidly respond to security incidents to minimize the impact of OT cyber attacks and prevent further damage.

Proactive OT Security Shield

XEye OT Security Services

OT Risk Assessment

We perform a robust and thorough risk assessment of your OT environment to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and risks and provide a detailed report and guidance to mitigate all the security issues.

OT Security Audit and Improvement

We review your existing OT security measures and provide recommendations and strategies for improvement to protect every aspect of your industrial environment.

OT Security Monitoring and Response

We provide 24/7 protection for your operational technology with our OT security monitoring and incident response service to detect and respond to threats, minimizing potential damage and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

XEye OT Security Methodology

Security Awareness

We raise awareness among your employees about OT security best practices, threats, and risks, and provide practical training on how to respond to security incidents.

Intrusion Detection

We implement and manage intrusion detection systems to monitor your OT environment for any suspicious activity to alert you in real time.

Access Control

We implement hardened access control measures with zero business impact to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your OT environment.

Asset Management

We manage your OT assets security by creating a detailed inventory, categorizing them based on criticality, and tracking their lifecycle.

Network Segmentation

We segment your OT network into logical zones based on the criticality of your assets and the level of access required to achieve highest security.

Incident Response

We develop an incident response plan that outlines the steps to be taken in the event of a security incident and provide training to your personnel.

Why XEye For Your OT Security?


Our team of OT security experts has extensive experience in industrial cybersecurity and can provide and manage customized solutions to meet your specific industrial needs.


We collaborate and work closely with your OT teams to ensure that they understand our security measures and procedures throughout the project and to operate your OT environment securely.


We offer flexible engagement models, such as project-based, retainer-based, and managed services, to meet your specific requirements and achieve the highest level of security.

XEye Security Experts Related Certificates

Our OT Security experts possess advanced certifications and demonstrate extensive, dedicated experience accumulated over many years.

  • Fortinet Certified NSE 7 OT Security Professional This certifies that our experts have the skills and knowledge to manage Fortinet OT Security Solutions.
  • GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) This certifies that our experts can detect, respond to, and resolve computer security incidents.
  • Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) This certifies that our experts have the knowledge and skills organizations require to handle post-data breach consequences.
  • GIAC Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GCISP) This certifies that our experts can achieve security throughout the industrial control systems lifecycle.
  • Certified In Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) This certifies that our experts can design, implement, and maintain information security programs that protect against risks.
  • CompTIA CySA+ ce Certification This certifies that our experts have the skills and knowledge to perform incident detection, prevention, and response.

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