XEye Cyber Investigation For Collecting Evidence Revealing Facts Discovering Data Leakage Securing Private Data

With our cyber investigation services, we uncover the truth, find leaks and evidence of a cyber crime to support and secure your data and rights.

XEye Cyber Investigation Service

We provide a vigorous cyber investigation services. Our team of experts is dedicated to collecting evidence, detecting information leakage, securing data, and gathering facts to support our clients in securing their data and legal proceedings.

Cyber Investigation is a crucial process that is needed to uncover unnoticed data leakage or collect and reveal evidence for cyber crimes, harassment, blackmailing, and all kinds of digital crimes. Technologies are rapidly advancing and developing and cyber criminals have become increasingly adept at leveraging these technologies for their malicious activities. As a result, the prevalence of cyber violence and cyber crimes has reached alarming levels, leading to significant risks to individuals and organizations alike. Cyber investigation plays an important role in securing individuals and organizations from the damaging consequences of cyber crimes. It enables the detection and prevention of data breaches, helps identify and bring cyber criminals to justice, and facilitates the recovery and protection of compromised digital assets. Additionally, cyber investigation assists in mitigating reputational damage, preserving intellectual property, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Why XEye Digital Investigation Services?


Our team of cyber investigators has extensive experience in revealing data, collecting evidence, and data protection to provide our clients with the best possible service.


We prioritize our clients confidentiality and data protection. Our strict protocols ensure that all evidence and data are handled with the highest care.


We collaborate with our clients through every step of the cyber investigation processes to ensure that they secure their data and take the right actions in legal proceedings.

Legal Support

Our specialized and experienced attorneys ensure that your case is approached with a clear understanding of the legal implications and considerations.

XEye Investigation Services

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigation We robustly gather intelligence from publicly available sources on the internet, we take advantage of our advanced techniques, manipulation, and tools to extract and reveal valuable information, to reveal evidence, identify potential threats, and provide insights for legal proceedings.
  • Perpetrator Identification We are experienced in identifying the individuals or groups responsible for any kind of cyber violence through advanced digital forensics and cyber investigation techniques, analysis of communication channels, and collaboration with law enforcement agencies.
  • Data Leakage Detection We use sophisticated techniques to find and reveal any signs of data leakage on both clear net and dark web platforms. we aim to identify unauthorized dissemination of sensitive information, including confidential business data, intellectual property, or personal data.
  • Legal Proceedings Support Our experienced cyber law attorneys provide comprehensive legal support throughout the investigation process. This includes legal advice, guidance, and assistance in preparing evidence for court and they can represent you in legal proceedings if required.

XEye Security Cyber Investigation Methodology

Assessment and Planning

We begin by understanding the nature of the cyber incident and developing a detailed investigation plan.

Analysis and Interpretation

We accurately analyze the collected evidence, employing various cyber investigation methodologies to uncover critical insights.

Evidence Collection

We use advanced digital tools and techniques to reveal and gather evidence and maintain the integrity of the data.

Reporting and Recommendations

We provide detailed reports with our findings and offer actionable recommendations to take appropriate actions.

Are you facing blackmail, under attack, or experiencing any type of cybercrime issues?

If you are under cyber violence or cyber crime attacks, we are standing by to rapidly assist you anytime.